Site Workshop / Lab Cabin

Petroleum Palace Group offers a Site Office Cabin to provide comfortable and safe working environment in remote locations.

Design Criteria

The Workshop-lab container is fabricated from a modified high cube 40 ft shipping container.
The container will have four (4) pad-eyes fitted to the top for single point lift using slings, and wire rope sling assembly c/w safety bow pin shackles.
It will be divided into following two compartments using corrugated wall welded to existing container walls.

This will occupy a length of 8910 mm out of total length of the container. The workshop area consists of


  • The existing doors as the main access door and side access door 800mm wide, on the sidewall of the container near the end of workshop
  • Support structure for monorail push type trolley 1-ton capacity (including push trolley and chain hoist)
  • The structure will provide smooth longitudinal motion along the container length and smooth lateral motion along the container width
  • Mild steel workbench without drawers
  • The bench should be able to hold a weight of up to 500 kg
  • Eyes wash station next to the cupboard
  • Six (6) high level cabinets
  • Two (2) lockable cupboards, each of them 800 mm wide and 600 mm deep
  • Four (4) cupboards type tool boxes lockable with padlocks; and two purchased snap-on type tool boxes
  • Three (3) to five (5) hooks for cable hanging
  • Three (3) industrial fire extinguisher cylinders, two near the main access door and one near the 
side access door.
  • The workbench will be equipped with one bench-vice and one bench- grinder, mounted on the side of the bench that is nearest to main access doors


This will occupy a length of about 3000 mm out of total length of the container. The lab area consists of

  • Side access door 800mm wide, on the side wall of the container
  • Three (3) high level cabinets 400mm deep
  • Top stone work bench 500mm wide
  • MS cupboard and MDF cupboard under the workbench
  • Water to be maintained at 5°C
  • Exhaust fan
  • Wall insulation boards on all internal walls
  • Waste outlet to be 2”
  • Split type air-conditioning system and the cut-out space for the out-door unit of the system

Main Futures and Advantages

  • Designed for minimal rig-up/rig-down time
  • Field proven design
  • CE Marking design available

Technical Specification

  • Bench Grinder, Pipe and Bench Wise
  • Tool Boxes
  • Eye Wash Station
  • Maximum Gross Weight: 20,000kg
  • Environment Operating Temperature: -20°C to +40°C (-40°C to +55°C version is available on request)
  • Environment Survival Temperature: -20°C to +40C (-40°C to +55°C version is available on request)
  • IP Rating: IP55 (IP56 available on request)
  • Electrical Rating: Three Phase, 400V / Single Phase 230V / 50Hz
  • Tare Weight: 10,750kg
  • Lab Facilities
  • Shipping Specification: CSC / Sea Worthiness Certificate

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