Trailer-Mount Waste Segregator

Petroleum Palace Group offers state of art thermal desorption technology designed to reduce the amount of produced waste at the source, recover valuable base oil and prepare treated solids for safe disposal.

Technology is capable of producing dry, clean solids with less than 1% Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) content. Our Trailer-Mount Waste Segregator thermal unit is engineered for high mobility (off-road), and has flexibility to adjust to changing operational requirements. After thermal treatment discharged material can often be used as a fundamental building material.

Trailer-Mount Waste Segregator system is not designed to treat asbestos contaminated material or NORM as well as to treat entrained H2S and therefore NACE material for manufacture is not required.

Features & Advantages

  • Designed for none to minimal rig-up/rig-down time
  • Processing rates in of 100MT/day(all calculations are completed based on 70% solids / 15% water / 15% oil)
  • System enhancement to purify oil without creating a waste stream
  • Minimal personnel requirements
  • Highly efficient hydrocarbon removal and recovery
  • Minimal emissions that comply with all current guidelines
  • CE Marking design available

Trailer-Mount Waste Segregator consists of following modules

  • Trailer-Mount Classification Module
  • Trailer-Mount Segregator Module
  • Trailer-Mount Control Room / Condensing Module
  • Trailer-Mount Electrical Room / Separation Module
  • Trailer-Mount Liquid Cooling Module
  • Trailer-Mount Solids Discharge Module

Technical Specification

  • Material Throughput: 100MT (based on 23 hours of operation)
  • Lifting Standard: DNV-2.7-1
  • Source Fluid Temperature Range: 0°C to 55°C
  • IP Rating: IP55 (IP56 available on request)
  • Electrical Rating: 400V / 50Hz
  • Environment Operating Temperature: -20°C to +40°C (-40°C to +55°C version is available on request)
  • Electrical Equipment: ATEX, Zone 2
  • Control System: CE / Low Voltage Directive
  • Noise Levels: 85dBA
  • Environment Survival Temperature: -20°C to +40C (-40°C to +55°C version is available on request)
  • Shipping Specification: CSC / Sea Worthiness Certificate(trailers not part of certification)

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