Thermal Desorption

Petroleum Palace Group offers state of art thermal desorption technology designed to reduce the amount of produced waste at the source, recover valuable base oil and prepare treated solids for safe disposal.

Technology is capable of producing dry, clean solids with less than 1% Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) content. Our Waste Segregator thermal unit is engineered for high mobility, and has flexibility to adjust to changing operational requirements. After thermal treatment discharged material can often be used as a fundamental building material. Good examples are as a base material in the construction of roads or building blocks.

Features & Advantages

  • Highly efficient hydrocarbon removal and recovery
  • Minimal emissions that comply with all current guidelines
  • CE Marking design available
  • Minimal personnel requirements
  • Designed for minimal rig-up/rig-down time
  • Processing rates in of 120MT/day
  • System enhancement to purify oil without creating a waste stream

Finding The Best Solution

The best solutions are the result of an in-depth understanding of the unique project situation and challenges that can include but not limited to

  • Logistics
  • Storage capacity
  • Preprocessing preparation
  • Separation of solids, oil and water
  • Processor type and capacity
  • Project location
  • Source of material
  • Discharge or reuse
  • Recovery

Addressing each set of circumstances allows Petroleum Palace Group to address the broad spectrum of customer needs, including removal of contaminants, safe solids disposal, reuse of hydrocarbons and water, cost control, safety and comprehensive environmental compliance.


Onshore projects where drilling waste solids from oil-base mud operations need appropriate end-point disposal. Industrial waste, heavy sludge, long term oil pits, refinery waste is in our scope of work.


Managing and treating oil contaminated drilling waste cuttings is increasingly more important for oilfield exploration and development. Untreated waste creates environment liability and often is a source of unrealized revenue.


Project specific advanced desorption technology options from Petroleum Palace Group incorporate efficient processes for reclaiming entrained hydrocarbons, minimizing waste and preparing solids for safe disposal.


Petroleum Palace Group pre-project analysis helps determine the potential viability of any project by considering how specific desorption technologies can be applied to particular circumstances. Analysis allows the operator to optimize operations and control high capital cost of equipment inherent in this type of project.


Desorption Technology allows synthetic, oil, diesel or low-toxicity mineral oil to be separated from drilling solids for recovery. Recovered oils can be reintroduced to the active mud system, used as supplemental fuel or sold for reuse. Treated solids are contained and rigorously tested prior to disposal.

Petroleum Palace Group strives to address the broad spectrum of its customers’ needs. Contact us for your inquiries.