Retort Analysis

Retort analysis is conducted to determine the quantities of liquid content like oil, water and synthetics present is drilling muds as well as drill cuttings.

Knowledge of water, oil and solids content is fundamental to proper control of mud properties such as: oil/water ratio, rheology, density, filtration and salinity of aqueous phase. Knowledge of solids in oil mud is essential to evaluation of solids control equipment. Similarly, knowledge of oil and water content present is drill cuttings is crucial in evaluating the suitable treatment method as well as efficacy and performance evaluation of the cuttings treatment method used to recover the drilling fluids as well as safe disposal of the solids.

Petroleum Palace Group typically provide two type of retort analysis

  • Retort by weight
  • Retort by volume

In addition, Petroleum Palace group provide drilling fluid solutions as well as drill cuttings treatment recommendations and solutions based on retort analysis.

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