Lamella Separators

The Petroleum Palace GroupLamella separator is a gravity separation device designed to remove solids from liquid main streams. In a Lamella plate type design a counter-current flow develops within the inclined plate media where the flow rises upwards through the plate’s passes over the solids as they slide down the plates in the opposite direction.

The design of Lamella Separator is based on Stokes Law that relates terminal settling or rise velocity of a smooth, rigid sphere in a viscous fluid of known density and viscosity to the diameter of the sphere when subjected to the gravitational force.

The water/solids mixture enters the Lamella separator inlet, is dispersed through a diffuser that reduces the velocity and turbulent flow into the inlet chamber that further reduces the velocity and begins the settling process. The flow exits the bottom of the inlet chamber and is diverted into a horizontal path and then begins a vertical path through the inclined plate media with series of plates. As the flow enters the pack the solids encounter the plates and stop their vertical motion by hitting the plates in their path. Once they hit these plates the solids fall downward to the plate surfaces beneath them and then slide down these plates, ultimately settling to the bottom of the sludge chamber.


  • Slop Water treatment
  • Sludge and Slurries solids control
  • Tank bottoms
  • Ground spill recovery
  • Drilling fluids recovery
  • Drilling mud solids control
  • Refined petroleum derivatives

Features & Advantages

  • Carbon Steel or SS304 / SS3016 construction material
  • SS304 Inclined plates
  • Cover with gasket to prevent vapor escape
  • Vent nozzle
  • Manhole access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Efficient separation
  • Flow rates from 100 to over 10,000LPM

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