Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography is vital topetrochemical analysis where its roles range fromon-line monitoring of process streams and characterization of feeds, intermediates, and productsin refinery operations, and to providing analytical datato meet environmental regulations.

Petroleum Palace Group provides GC analysis for a wide range of applications in oil and gas industry. Below mentioned table listssome ofthe major GC methods approved by the AmericanSociety for Testing and Materials (ASTM), reflecting the wide variety of GC applications for petroleum-related materials.

Major GC Methods Approved by the ASTM

Method No.

Application area


D 2163 Liq petroleum gas (LPG) LPG analysis and propene concentration by GC 
D 2268 n-Heptane and i-octane High purity n-Heptane and i-Octane ont
D 2427 Gasoline analysis by capillaryGC
D 2887 Middle to heavy Boiling range distribution (simulated distillation) ofpetroleum fractions by GC
D 3524 distillatesLubricant petroleum fractions by GCDiesel fuel diluent in used diesel engine oil by GC
D 3525 Lubricant Gasoline in used lubricant by GC
D 3710 Gasoline Simulated distillation of gasoline and gasoline fractionsby GC
D 4420 Gasoline gasoline fractionsby GC
D 4815 Gasoline Aromatics in finished gasoline by GCOxygenates (ethers and alcohols) in gasoline by GC
D 5134 Light distillates (naphthas)Crude oil Analysis of naphthas through nonane by capillary GC
D 5307 Crude oil Simulated distillation of crude petroleum by GC
D 5442 Wax Analysis of petroleum waxes by GC
D 5443 Light distillates Paraffin, naphthene and aromatic hydrocarbon type by
D 5599 Gasoline multi-dimensional GC
D 5623 Light distillate Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes, C9 + aromatics and total aromatics by GC
D 5769 Gasoline (finished) Oxygenates in gasoline by GC and oxygen selectiveflame-ionization detection (O-FlD)Sulfur compounds in light petroleum liquids by GC andsulfur selective detection
D 5986 Gasoline Benzene, toluene and total aromatics in finishedgasoline by GC-MSOxygenates, benzene, toluene, Cs-C|2 aromatics andtotal aromatics by GC and FTIR
D 6159 Ethylene Hydrocarbon impurities in ethylene by GC

In addition to the oil-related products Petroleum Palace Group provide GC analysis for a wide range of complex mixtures of different molecules, to determine based on their physical properties, such as polarity and boiling point. It is an ideal tool to analyze gas and liquid samples containing many hundreds or even thousands of different molecules, allowing the analyst to identify both the types of molecular species present and their concentrations.

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