Palace Group Petroleum offers portable and containerized technologies that remove low gravity solids (LGS) that could seriously degrade performance of water base drilling fluids.

Dewatering systems eliminate need for costly dilution to maintain density and rheological properties, preserving water, reducing waste volumes and costs.

The fine particles are removed from through a chemically enhanced process of enhanced centrifugation that much more cost effective that using a single high speed centrifuge. A number of customdesigns are available to fit any onshore or offshore rig equipment. Regardless of the unit used Palace Group Petroleum system provide operators a powerful tool for maintaining optimum drilling fluid properties, while minimizing waste, reducing treatment and disposal costs.

Features & Advantages

  • High-capacity centrifuge
  • Optional add-on flow meter records volumes processed as well as water usage
  • Optimizes environmental performance
  • Allows cut-point to be reduced below the capabilities of standard solids control equipment operating parameters
  • Water recycling capability makes it easier to keep mud in good condition at all times
  • Recycling of the fluid phase reduces water hauling, drilling fluid and disposal costs
  • Fully contained unit with a small footprint for rigs with limited space
  • Maintains active mud in good working condition


Offshore and Onshore rigs running water based mud systems where they are limited to zero-discharge regulations, where there is a scarcity of water, and/or where it is necessary to drill with a low density or extra-clean system.


Colloidal size particle build up in the fluid system, requiring dilution and creating excessive waste volumes. These ultra fine particles, less than 3-5 microns in size cannot be removed via centrifuge alone. The excess waste volumes add to drilling costs and increase environmental liability.


The Dewatering system from Palace Group Petroleum uses a combination of chemical treatment and centrifugation where necessary to separate these micro fine particles for the fluid system effectively and economically.


The system gives operators a powerful tool for maintaining optimum drilling fluid properties for faster drilling, while minimizing drilling fluid waste and reducing cleanup, treatment and disposal costs. Significant cost savings can also be realized through reductions in the rig footprint.


For limited and zero discharge situations, the dewatering unit plays an important role in closed loop systems and the dry location concept. By helping to keep the mud system clean, it greatly reduces the amount of drilling waste that must be sent for treatment of disposal.

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