Cuttings Transport

With complex logistics and hostile environments operators face another challenge, zero or near-zero discharge of drill solids. Stick environment regulations makes operators to rethink the way in which cuttings contaminated with oil and synthetic base drilling fluids are handled.

Petroleum Palace Group offers several methods to handle these contaminated cuttings.

Our system gives operators a flexible solution for improving the safety and efficiency of drill cuttings containment and disposal. The flexibility can prevent expensive downtime on critical drilling operations. The cuttings transfer from the rig to final treatment location enables large volumes of drill cuttings to be handled safely, eliminating the numerous extra steps that are normally taken.
Petroleum Palace Group system is a field proven technology with an outstanding record of reliability and performance worldwide.

Features & Advantages

  • Equipment is specified to hazardous zone classifications
  • Improved safety
  • The system transfers untreated cuttings at high rates
  • Adds flexibility and reliability to operations including cuttings transfer to thermal desorption facility
  • Environment protection


Offshore and onshore projects where large amount of drill cuttings must be handled and stored prior to shipment.


Under increasingly stringent regulations dictating zero of near-zero discharge of drill solids, and with increased concerns of personnel safety, operators have had to rethink the way in which cuttings contaminated with oil and synthetic base drilling fluids are handled


Palace Group Petroleum provides a complete field proven method of containing, handling, temporary storing and transporting both water and oil-base drill cuttings. Our experienced engineers and technical personnel ensure that you get the exact system you need. Wherever drill cuttings have to be contained and handled reliably, safely and cleanly, Petroleum Palace Group is the technology of choice.


The Petroleum Palace Group system can handle cuttings at high rate of penetration, reducing and even eliminating downtime caused by overloaded processing equipment. The flexible configuration can be engineered to fit any rig layouts.


Our system design prevents exposure of personnel and the environment to contaminated wastes.

Petroleum Palace Group strives to address the broad spectrum of its customers’ needs. Contact us for your inquiries.