Cuttings Dryers

With high demand for improved environmental practices, operators need solids-control solutions that take liquids / solids separation to a new level.

The cuttings dryer from Petroleum Palace Group incorporates a high-speed centrifuge that achieves maximum liquids / solids separation in large volumes processing. That gives operator a critical advantage in meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Features & Advantages

  • Highly effective liquids / solids separation minimize fluid content of cuttings
  • Reduces waste disposal volumes
  • Effective separation reclaims high percentage of fluid that can be reused in the active mud system
  • Recovers whole mud lost from shaker failure and screen blinding
  • Explosion-proof motors and start/stop boxes can be certified as required for use in Class I, Division I, CE/ATEX or NORSOK areas
  • Custom built walkways and platforms reduce risk to personnel
  • Experience personnel maintain peak operating efficiency
  • PLC with automatic warning indicators monitors temperature, torque, oil levels and operating hours
  • High-capacity, continuous-feed units have the throughput to keep up with drilling
  • Normal wear parts are easily accessible fro the top of the unit, belts are easily changed without removing gear assembly


Offshore and onshore projects where the recovery of valuable drilling fluid from cuttings is priority.


Increasingly stringent cuttings discharge regulations have pressurized operators and drilling contractors to reduce drilling waste volumes and recover premium product for reuse.


The Petroleum Palace Group cuttings dryer features top in line design, that can process varying amounts of cuttings and fluids.


The Petroleum Palace Group cuttings dryer improve overall cost efficiency, producing reduced amounts of extremely dry cuttings for disposal and recovering valuable fluids for reuse. It is effective with oil, water and synthetic base drilling fluids.


Our cuttings dryer minimizes waste volumes, significantly reducing disposal costs and ensuring compliance with current regulations.

Petroleum Palace Group strives to address the broad spectrum of its customers’ needs. Contact us for your inquiries.