Drilling & Industrial Waste Management

Petroleum Palace Group Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services are certified to the following standards (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001)

The treatment of industrial, drilling and hazardous waste or the rehabilitation of contaminated and abandoned drilling sites or other industry sites is increasing in the worldwide focus of Industry and Politics.

Especially within the MENA, but also globally, the prohibitions and restrictions to dispose hazardous waste in landfills are progressing.Rather, the law requires to minimize pollutions in an environmentally friendly way or to remove them completely. Recyclables are to be recovered in the sense of sustainable resource management and to be supplied back in to the recycling loop.Petroleum Palace Group technologies will accompany you on this path. We develop a customized approach to treat your industrial, drilling and hazardous waste. We are focusing on the economic feasibility, the environmental compatibility and sustainability of the concept.

The term thermal desorption gathers various methods for the treatment of industrial, drilling and hazardous waste. Technically, thermal desorption is a solid – liquid separation in which volatile components are removed from a solid or sludge-like matrix under the action of heat. Thermal desorption separates the waste into a solid residue and a liquid phase that consists of water and pollutants.We adapt the treatment of the vapors and gases to your needs, the legal framework, and of course the quantity and quality of the waste ingredients. The vapors are collected and then either burned or condensed. The vapors usually consist of a water phase and a contaminant phase. Depending on the input material, these could include mercury or hydrocarbons for example.Thermal desorption is usually carried out at temperatures between 150°C and 800°C, depending on the quality and quantity of waste to be treated. Thermal oil as a heating medium, natural gas or electrical or inductive heating may be used.Petroleum Palace Group offers state of art thermal desorption technology designed to reduce the amount of produced waste at the source, recover valuable base oil and prepare treated solids for safe disposal. Technology is capable of producing dry, clean solids with less than 1% Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) content.Our Waste Segregator thermal unit is engineered for high mobility, and has flexibility to adjust to changing operational requirements.

The range of industrial and hazardous wastes Petroleum Palace Group is offering solutions for is large and includes

  • Refinery waste
  • Grinding sludge from the automotive industry
  • Drilling mud from the crude oil exploration and production
  • Filter cakes from the industrial wastewater treatment
  • Waste with VOC, PAHs, PCBs, pesticides and other hydrocarbons
  • By and waste products from chemical processes
  • Drill Cuttings (oil base / water base)
  • Sludge (hydrocarbon polluted)
  • Residues from crude oil tanks
  • Oil sludge

Petroleum Palace Group strives to address the broad spectrum of its customers’ needs. Contact us for your inquiries.