About Us

Our core expertise is the treatment of industrial, drilling and hazardous wastes

Petroleum Palace Group is anenvironmental company, set to provide services for oil and gas companies. Our core expertise is the treatment of industrial, drilling and hazardous wastes.
Rather, the law requires to minimize pollutions in an environmentally friendly way or to remove them completely. Recyclables are to be recovered in the sense of sustainable resource management and to be supplied back in to the recycling loop.
Petroleum Palace Group technologies will accompany you on this path. We develop a customized approach to treat your industrial, drilling and hazardous waste. We are focusing on the economic feasibility, the environmental compatibility and sustainability of the concept.
Petroleum Palace Group offers state of art thermal desorption technology designed to reduce the amount of produced waste at the source, recover valuable base oil and prepare treated solids for safe disposal. Technology is capable of producing dry, clean solids with less than 1% Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) content.

In addition to waste management services our company provides other industry related services

Lab Services

Petroleum Palace Group offers testing and analyses services based on all International standards such as ASTM, IP, BS, ISO, IEC, APHA, GS& FDA/BAM. Our procedures based on international standards, stringent quality assurance programs and ISO 17025 accreditation contribute and offer the highest accuracy and insight for product qualifications and special investigations.

Engineering Services

Petroleum Palace Group provide specialized engineering services to oilfield industry, with vast amount of engineering backgrounds including process engineering, structural and vibration engineering, mechanical designs, 3-D modeling and drawings, electrical engineering, instrumentation engineering.

Project Management Services

Petroleum Palace Group offers project management services for all type of projects. Our experienced personnel are fully accredited to PMP (project management professional) certification, which is nowadays standard for all successfully delivered projects.

Water Management

Palace Group Petroleum offers portable and containerized technologies that remove low gravity solids (LGS) that could seriously degrade performance of water base drilling fluids. Dewatering systems eliminate need for costly dilution to maintain density and rheological properties, preserving water, reducing waste volumes and costs.
The Petroleum Palace Group separator is a gravity separation device designed by using Stokes Law to define the rise velocity of oil droplets based on their density and size.

Well Testing Equipment

Petroleum Palace Group provides surface well testing services and products, including planning, specialized equipment, and monitoring and measurement of all factors relating to the production of oil, gas, and water at a well site.


Petroleum Palace Group provides manufacturing services for offshore and onshore applications related to oil and gas industry.We are able to maintain the highest standards in our products and services through implementation of standard quality procedures and employing highly skilled and experienced personnel.
Our manufacturing techniques incorporate the industry best practices and are in compliance with industry regulations.